24 Hour Emergency Service

In any industry requiring low temperatures, the need for a reliable refrigeration system is key and stretches from the farm to the marketplace. Whether you own a processing facility or cold storage warehouse, your profit depends upon a reliable industrial refrigeration system. When equipment fails to function or is functioning poorly, you need 24-Hour Emergency Service that includes:

  • Diagnose Equipment Failures
  • Diagnose Refrigerant Problems
  • Recovery from Power Outages
  • Repair Critical Equipment
  • Contain Unexpected Costs
  • Restore Normal Operations
  • Reduce Facility Down Time
  • Reduce Product Spoilage
  • Standby for Critical Procedures

Industrial refrigeration equipment can experience problems any time, day or night. When you choose American Refrigeration as your 24-Hour Emergency Service provider, you can trust our repair technician to provide the finest professional service in a timely manner. We use the most advanced diagnostic tools to identify problems fast, so we can restore normal operations as quickly as possible. If your system needs an emergency repair, call 800-758-6554.

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