Bakery Facilities

The growing consumer demand for easy-to-prepare baked goods and the exponential growth of the fast food industry have fueled the need for innovations in industrial refrigeration for bakery facilities worldwide. American Refrigeration has the experience and know-how to deliver design-build applications for suppliers of baked goods to today's marketplace, including:

  • Project Feasibility Studies
  • Fabrication Machine Shop
  • Design-Build Construction
  • Controlled Processing Rooms
  • Linear and Spiral Belt Freezers
  • Refrigeration and Freezer Tunnels
  • Relief Valve Safety Management
  • Cold Storage Holding Areas
  • Maintenance Agreements

The baking process from chilled dough to the cold storage of packaged goods requires highly temperature-sensitive environments. Here at American Refrigeration, we follow the latest trends and develop custom solutions for process chilling and freezing of baked goods for commercial bakeries, pastry shops and manufacturers of instant snacks. Let our experienced team handle your new installation or refrigeration system upgrade.

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