Beverage Industry

The beverage industry is highly dependent upon industrial refrigeration systems for a variety of non-alcoholic beverage manufacturing from syrup or concentrate, purified water and soft drink bottling and canning, as well as the bottling, canning and boxing of fruit juices, coffee and tea. American Refrigeration has the experience to design-build efficient refrigeration systems for beverage processing with services that include:

  • Detailed Project Studies
  • Turnkey Construction
  • Full Fabrication Shop
  • Controlled Processing Areas
  • Cold Storage for Carbonation
  • Stringent Control Standards
  • Complete Skid Installations
  • Preventive Maintenance Contracts
  • Valve Safety Relief Systems

Today's beverage manufacturers could not survive without energy efficient industrial refrigeration. In order for carbonation to occur, beverages are cooled using large, ammonia-based cooling systems. Here at American Refrigeration, we have a history of providing custom solutions to the non-alcoholic beverage industry for efficient beverage processing that complies with the highest level of government standards.

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