Cold Storage Warehouse

The cold storage warehouse for the distribution of food and beverage has changed the way we live, shop and eat. In turn, the growing demand for year-round access to a wider array of food products has led to the construction of more frozen warehouses, blast freezers and cold storage facilities. American Refrigeration has the experience and expertise to design-build an efficient industrial refrigeration system to meet your specific needs for a cold or frozen distribution including:

  • Beef and Pork Products
  • Fresh Fruit & Vegetables
  • Dairy and Ice Cream
  • Vegetable Products
  • Seafood & Fish
  • Baked Goods & Snacks
  • Beer and Ale 
  • Poultry Products
  • Juice and Beverages

As an intricate part of the supply chain, the food and beverage industry has a short time from the farm to market with peak periods for many seasonal food products. Here at American Refrigeration, our team of professionals work closely with each client to develop the most efficient warehouse and distribution solutions. We are dedicated to ensuring your food & beverage products are kept at the right temperature during every step of the process.

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