Industrial Refrigeration Controls

Our engineers and technicians are more than just control panel experts. They understand the intricacies of a good industrial refrigeration controls and how to best apply changing technologies for applications across different environments. American Refrigeration can custom build non-proprietary controls to reduce operating and energy costs while improving your plant's productivity. Listed are some of the control options available including:

  • Engineered Controls Systems
  • Single Program Platform Options
  • On Board System Diagnostics
  • Remote Monitoring via Ethernet
  • Compressor Sequencing
  • Configurable Sensor Range
  • Discharge Pressure Controls
  • Real Time & Historical Trending
  • Modulating Controls for Valves

As an Authorized Frick Factor, our depth of understanding and experience in energy management and refrigeration controls allows us to offer a variety of solutions for all kinds of industrial refrigeration systems. Our technicians will conduct a complete evaluation of your control panels to provide the right mix of components for the most cost-efficient solution. To learn more, call us today at 800-758-6554.

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