Custom Non-Proprietary Platform

By working closely with our clients in the food & beverage industry, we are able to identify their specific needs and offer a custom non-proprietary platform for a controls package that results in improved efficiency, reduced energy costs and less maintenance. Closed systems unnecessarily hold a client hostage by denying access to program files while limiting the future options for a more cost effective expansion of their processing plant or cold storage facility.

Here at American Refrigeration, we believe in accomplishing our client's objectives in the most cost efficient and reliable manner. Proprietary hardware  and software systems limit future modifications and system additions while making changes to an existing system more costly. By implementing a custom platform with non-proprietary components, future parts replacement and system upgrades are much easier, thus reducing downtime for a lower cost of enhancement.

An open infrastructure makes it easy to upgrade and modernize an industrial refrigeration system to eliminate waste, improve product quality, and allow for the implementation of process and energy optimization strategies. Even though your existing system may be "locked in", call American Refrigeration at 800-758-6554 to learn about the alternatives. We have a proven history in the food & beverage industry for delivering cost-effective customized control systems for numerous industrial refrigeration applications.

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