Remote Assistance 24/7

Remote assistance 24/7 requires software enabled control of the many different conditions that you need monitored to ensure your refrigeration system is operating correctly all the time and products are processed and stored at the desired temperature. When properly equipped, our remote technician can download data to troubleshoot problems with your industrial refrigeration systems. Service calls can be reduced by installing features that allow for:

  • Constant System Monitoring
  • Remote Troubleshooting 
  • Faster System Back Up 
  • Improved Product Safety
  • Remote Control Functions 
  • Reseting Alarms Off Site
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs
  • Operational Cost Savings
  • Increased Energy Efficiency

Our remote refrigeration controls allow operators and service technicians to monitor critical system data that can increase the life of the equipment as well as save on operating expenses. Here at American Refrigeration, our engineers will consider your refrigeration system reliability, need for control accuracy and goals for improvement in energy costs before recommending a personalized platform solution. 

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