Upgrades to Existing

As a multiple brand provider, including Frick Factor and Vilter Distributor, we deliver the best solutions for upgrades to existing industrial refrigeration controls. For most of our Food & Beverage clients, more than half the operating cost for their processing and cold storage facilities is related to energy usage. With refrigeration costs consuming so much of a company's annual budget, it just makes sense to identify control upgrades that utilize the latest technology for improved operating efficiency.

Here at American Refrigeration, our engineers and technical staff are experienced in helping our clients determine the most effective strategies for optimizing mechanical and electronic components for improved efficiency. Whether your needs include the addition of variable speed drives or an upgrade to an existing automated control system, we can give you a "big picture" view that identifies where energy is being wasted as well as recommending upgrades, such as automated equipment cycles for improved sequencing.

If you are considering upgrades to your existing controls, remote access is an important consideration. Remote monitoring can have a significant impact on the bottom line by reducing energy consumption, system maintenance, and your overall operating costs. This feature also allows for offsite diagnostic and troubleshooting to provide real-time analysis of energy management data. If you are ready to make upgrades that will improve your operating efficiencies, contact American Refrigeration for the best solutions.

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