Compressor Rebuild by Factory Certified Technicians

Compressors are a vital component of any industrial refrigeration system, and in the food & beverage business, it cost money anytime a compressor fails. Whether you are operating a food processing plant or maintaining a cold storage facility for product distribution, American Refrigeration can rebuild your compressor quickly to limit your system down time. First, we will determine precisely what needs to be done and which parts need to be replaced, then our factory-certified technicians rebuild the compressor to factory standards.

Once the compressor rebuild is completed and prior to refrigeration start-up, our technician will check other components including the oil pump, separator, filters and piping, to remove any unwanted debris. Following any major failure, this is an important step to avoid future complications. As the compressor is activated, our technicians will perform a series of operational control checks and safety control sequencing to ensure proper functioning of the rebuilt compressor.

Here at American Refrigeration, we have a complete compressor rebuild shop and access to the right parts to work on almost any make-and-model of industrial refrigeration system. Whether you have a main bearing fail in a screw compressor or a connecting rod let go in a reciprocating unit, we have you covered. Call 800-758-6554 for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency repairs, preventive compressor vibration analysis or factory-spec compressor rebuild.

Compressor Vibration Analysis

For the refrigeration industry, reliable cooling is key for ensuring process consistency and product quality. Typical of the food products industry, it is often a short time to market during peak periods. That makes your industrial refrigeration system’s compressors critical for processing, manufacturing, packaging, storage and distribution of goods to today’s consumers.

On a prearranged schedule, our experienced service technician will inspect your system’s components and perform compressor vibration analysis to help identify equipment problems before critical components fail. In fact, our preventative maintenance programs are very cost effective and troubleshooting problems before they occur can save you money with planned parts replacement rather than a more expensive emergency repair.

If you are in the business of processing and storing food or beverages, a preventative maintenance contract from American Refrigeration can limit unwanted down time by eliminating the need for emergency shutdown for compressor repairs. Reliable industrial refrigeration is what keeps food products safe and your facility in compliance with government standards. Compressor vibration may slowly increase or can quickly end with complete equipment failure. Don’t wait until it is to late, call 800-758-6554 for a professional diagnosis.

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