Our Service Department is staffed with knowledgeable and responsive team members who are available to assist you with your industrial refrigeration upgrades, parts orders, emergency repairs and service agreements. From system inspections to providing a variety of preventative maintenance options, American Refrigeration is always here when you need us most.

Preventative Maintenance Contracts

Preventative maintenance contracts service solutions designed to help all our clients achieve and maintain peak operating performance for their industrial refrigeration systems. Based on the terms of the agreement, our service technicians will monitor and inspect the specified equipment to ensure it is operating at maximum efficiency. Preventive maintenance agreements can include but are not limited to:

  • Scheduled Maintenance Services
  • Operating Inspections & Analysis
  • Mechanical Integrity Inspections
  • Lubrication Management
  • Sensor Testing & Calibration
  • Equipment Vibration Analysis
  • Refrigerant Management
  • Shutdown Repair Planning
  • Heat Transfer Analysis

We don’t believe in cookie-cutter maintenance contracts. Different applications, operating loads, and environmental factors mean different maintenance needs. Our technician will inspect your operations and recommend a preventative maintenance agreement to help decrease life-cycle costs of your industrial refrigeration equipment by catching issues early, so they never turn into a bigger problem down the road. Call 800-758-6554 to learn more about preventive maintenance and options for remote monitoring.

Remote Assistance 24/7

Remote assistance 24/7 requires software enabled control of the many different conditions that you need monitored to ensure your refrigeration system is operating correctly all the time and products are processed and stored at the desired temperature. When properly equipped, our remote technician can download data to troubleshoot problems with your industrial refrigeration systems. Service calls can be reduced by installing features that allow for:

  • Constant System Monitoring
  • Remote Troubleshooting 
  • Faster System Back Up 
  • Improved Product Safety
  • Remote Control Functions 
  • Reseting Alarms Off Site
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs
  • Operational Cost Savings
  • Increased Energy Efficiency

Our remote refrigeration controls allow operators and service technicians to monitor critical system data that can increase the life of the equipment as well as save on operating expenses. Here at American Refrigeration, our engineers will consider your refrigeration system reliability, need for control accuracy and goals for improvement in energy costs before recommending a personalized platform solution.

24 Hour Emergency Service

In any industry requiring low temperatures, the need for a reliable refrigeration system is key and stretches from the farm to the marketplace. Whether you own a processing facility or cold storage warehouse, your profit depends upon a reliable industrial refrigeration system. When equipment fails to function or is functioning poorly, you need 24-Hour Emergency Service that includes:

  • Diagnose Equipment Failures
  • Diagnose Refrigerant Problems
  • Recovery from Power Outages
  • Repair Critical Equipment
  • Contain Unexpected Costs
  • Restore Normal Operations
  • Reduce Facility Down Time
  • Reduce Product Spoilage
  • Standby for Critical Procedures

Industrial refrigeration equipment can experience problems any time, day or night. When you choose American Refrigeration as your 24-Hour Emergency Service provider, you can trust our repair technician to provide the finest professional service in a timely manner. We use the most advanced diagnostic tools to identify problems fast, so we can restore normal operations as quickly as possible. If your system needs an emergency repair, call 800-758-6554.

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Mechanical Integrity Reports

To keep the continuum of products flowing from the processing facility to cold storage to distribution to the consumer, the technicians at American Refrigeration understand the importance of providing responsive services to our clients. After all, businesses that place high demands on their industrial refrigeration equipment need the highest level of quality services for testing and analysis to maintain operational efficiency.

Our mechanical integrity reports ensure that all equipment is designed, fabricated, installed, maintained, and operating in compliance with all government safety standards. With the recent increase in focus of OHSA on ammonia plants, equipment inspection and analysis is becoming more and more important. When you select us for your mechanical integrity audit, our trained technicians will complete your inspection using the latest methods and specialized tools to produce a detailed report highlighting all issues found as well as areas needing immediate repair or maintenance.

Here at American Refrigeration, we understand that timely professional services can identify potential problems ahead of time to keep you up and running all of the time. Complex applications can involve a number of potential failure points including mechanical equipment, piping, vessels, sensors and controls. If one or more of these components fail it can lead to degraded system performance or failures that pose health risks to your employees, the environment, and the consumer.

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