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In 1998, a small group of professionals made the decision to form a new design-build refrigeration company. The decision to go forward with this venture was fueled by the desire to provide to their customers what they knew was lacking in the industrial refrigeration business. Instead of taking on numerous projects and promoting “quantity over quality”, they were determined to apply their full attention to each individual customer, one project at a time.

They understood that this direction would produce not only a satified customer but also a quality installation. Further, it would enhance their reputation in the industry as a customer-oriented organization which in turn, would promote future business opportunities. Over the years, this original idea has become our formula for success and a way of life within our company. Excellence in quality of design and installation, authentic to our core. The American Way.

Our mission:

To be integral to our customers’ success by creating innovative solutions and building meaningful relationships. We will remain authentic in all that we do, enhance the lives of our employees and help promote a better community.

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Industries we serve

Cold Storage

Meat & Poultry



Fruit & Vegetable



Chemical, Oil & Gas

Baked Goods

Prepared Foods

Data Centers

Industrial Cooling

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Brian Peterson, President
Brian Peterson
Ed Trotzke, EVP Construction
Ed Trotzke
EVP Construction
Michael Walker, VP Strategic Relations
Michael Walker
VP Strategic Relations
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Waylon Walker, VP Service
Waylon Walker
VP Service
Stephanie Brooks, Parts Director
Stephanie Brooks
Parts Director
Adam Billits,Chief Financial Officer
Adam Billits
Chief Financial Officer
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